This walkthrough follows Shimada's extra content in Hakuōki: Stories of the Shinsengumi.

Shinsengumi Adventures 1 Edit

What should I do? Edit

  • Distract Hijikata
  • Catch the cat
    • Console the child
      • About the cat
      • About the boy
    • Make him laugh
  • Help with lunch

Shinsengumi Adventures 2 Edit

I would… Edit

  • Infiltrate Shimabara
  • Stay at headquarters
    • Sanan
    • Inoue
    • Shimada

"A Festive Night" DLC Edit

Even if there was a festival going on, I wasn't sure if it was all right for me to be going out and having a good time… Edit

  • Accept their offer
    • Stay a little longer
    • Suggest we head back
      • Follow Saito
      • Follow Heisuke
        • No
        • I'm sorry
      • Go to the tea shop
  • Decline their offer